That time the shipping industry moved out of the dinosaur age and into the future.


As the analog age became taken over by the age of the smart phone, consumers began to expect way more utility and service from the brands they used. They weren't living in the order-food-from-bed-on-yelp future yet, but they expected brands to make their lives easier.

This was particularly true of the shipping industry. People were fed up with getting home to face one of those maddening infonotices taped to their front doors telling them that they had arrived 5 minutes too late to receive a package. $%#@!!!!

To show consumers UPS understood how outdated people felt their infonotices were, they introduced UPS My Choice – the first digital service that allowed consumers to schedule and manage their packages online. And to tell the story of this new, more evolved way of doing things, we created an endearing yet out-of-his-league infonotice dinosaur and stop-motion film using a treatment that reinforced the antiquated feeling of the era past: