YouTube's Awesome Stuff Week revolutionizes the way people shop for products online.



WEBBY: People's Voice Award for best use of Native Advertising.

YouTube has become the place to go for product info. We saw this as an opportunity to revolutionize the way people shop online by creating a way for them to buy products they were researching directly from YouTube videos with a new ad technology from Google.

To promote it, we created something called Awesome Stuff Week–multiple five-day celebrations on YouTube featuring over 60 of the best YouTube creators talking about their favorite stuff. And with the integration of Google’s shopping ads, viewers could purchase the best products of the season directly from YouTube videos. It went something like this…

The fun part was the fake appraisal show we created to launch it called How Awesome Is This? The little series featured famous YouTubers bringing gadgets and fashion to an “Awesomeness Appraiser” to answer the titular question. When watched in YouTube during the campaign the videos also incorporated the ad unit (seen in the case film above) and served as a great way to show it off without mentioning it directly.

Awesome Stuff Weeks took place around some of the hottest shopping spikes through the year and featured different themes, depending on what was hot at that moment: Fashion Week, Gadget Week and two crazy weeks around Black Friday and the Holidays.

Viewers loved it, and YouTube creators deepened their relationships with their fans. Together this made a huge, positive buzz with over 140M social impressions.

In total, the 4-month campaign got over 16.2 million views across more than 100 videos. And out of the over 8,000 online mentions of Awesome Stuff Week, 74% were positive and 26% were neutral - leaving no room for negativity :)

What made Awesome Stuff Week really awesome was that people could now actually buy the stuff they were looking at on YouTube directly from the videos. And we created a new precedent for online shopping–turning YouTube into a shopping network.

We also created customized end tags for each series featuring logos made from real products...