Don’t forget the milk. 

What I believe makes a fulfilling Human Experience


I’m an art director and creative director. I can do all the art director and creative director things. And killer creative is always the goal. What makes me stand out though, is my ability and drive to shape Human Experiences. My idea of a rewarding and successful project uses human truths to give an audience a relevant experience they respond to or willingly participate in.

So. The milk.

Let’s imagine for a second that a project is like a trip to the store for some very fundamental items – namely milk. We enter the store with that in mind, but somewhere on aisle 5 we give in to a craving for something sweet. Fine. Then around the next corner we get inspired to make an amazing dinner for some friends. Great! By the time we check out our cart is full of fun and exciting items we’re sure will be a hit. And somehow we end up at home, bags full, but without the milk.

I think you probably get where I’m going... Usually, projects start with a clear idea of how to satisfy a consumer’s needs and desires, but it's often overshadowed midway by a number of things including the chance at exciting publicity or awards. As a Human Experience Creator, my goal is to be sure that at the end of the trip, there's a cart-load of amazing things that fulfill our cravings for excitement as creators, but we don't forget why we started the trip in the first place – to pick up milk.

Also I believe that everything I have done has led me to the current moment in my life, and the multitude of skills I learned inform what I bring to the table: I’ve flipped houses. I built The Broad Exchange (a community of female leaders in creative and communication industries using our collective skills to create positive impact). I’ve worked with developmentally disabled people. I’ve made art, played music and created many projects as an art director and creative director in advertising at some great agencies for some great clients. And while all of these things vary from one to the next, the genuine human approach to each remains consistent and encourages people to feel something as a result of the experience provided – comfort, love, acceptance, joy, intrigue, humor, entertainment, empowerment, sadness, anger, and countless other things.

Now more than ever is the time to be human. People are craving it, new generations are demanding it. And to be successful as marketers we have to embrace it.

Let's do this.