Traditional calculators and financial tools get an overhaul.



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92% of American households aren't saving enough money for retirement. And if you take a look at the financial tools we're using, it's not hard to see why. Most financial calculators are cold, overly complicated, and have designs that only a mathematician could love.

We focused less on crunching numbers and more on creating tools that teach us about how our behaviors can get in the way of our financial security, and what we can do about it. Like OUTSMART THE MARKET that lets people re-play historic stock market moments to see how instant gratification can cost you when you don’t look at the big picture. And AUTO-PAY ANALYZER that shows how easy saving for retirement is if you treat it like your autopay bills. Because the more we understand about our behaviors, the better we'll be able to plan for retirement. Here are some of the tools:

In addition, with the help of top artists, illustrators and type designers we also took over a commuter train station with an out-of-home campaign that turned interesting facts about finance into beautiful, shareable works of art and drove people to the tools online for more info.