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Cricket Wireless

The Characters of Cricket Wireless become more human as they evolve from mascots to actors.


As the budget wireless segment continues to grow, competing wireless brands struggle to stand out and connect on a human level. Enter Cricket Wireless with their cute fleet of brand characters. Since their introduction, the characters have evolved from a bunch of bouncing cartoons living in a cartoon world, to a troop of relatable, animated characters with full blown personalities, living in a live-action world among humans.

For this campaign we transformed them even further – into actors with lead roles in Cricket’s commercials, each with different back stories, strengths and weaknesses. This campaign goes behind the scenes of a Cricket commercial shoot, capturing the quirks and personalities of the characters on and around set.

The clients loved our evolution of their characters so much they bought twice as many spots as they originally asked for. Here are most of them…

Stunts Series: Dusty’s ambition gets him in over his head in his acting career.

Sound Booth Series: Miles, Rose and Chip let loose during final sound editing, much to the sound engineers detriment.

Paparazzi Series: Ramon is a heart throb, and the paparazzi can’t get enough of him.