Under Armor Speed Platform

This is What Fast Feels Like

We created this film and the animation at the end (:56) to help launch this new running show and as a tool to pitch it to retail spaces. Being a speed shoe we focussed on imagery and music that evoked power, energy and obviously speed.


Under Armour Women's

Wear My Will

Our challenge was twofold:

1. Find a way to use tennis player, Sloan Stephens within the I Will What I Want campaign.

We had to find a way to spin all her negative press into a badge of honor. So we set out to help her own it and inspire her fans to own it with her.

When other players get called out to be volatile, unpredictable loose cannons in media, they take it as critique. But not Sloane. Because that’s who she is. That’s how she plays the game. And that’s why, instead of bringing her down, those words are her armor. In every public appearance before and during the US Open, Sloane will wear her will. By featuring real comments from journalists and doubters on every shirt, hoodie and dress she puts on, she’ll let the entire world know that she wills what she wants.

2. Find a way to make UA’s have an (unofficial) presence at the US Open.

During the US Open, we proposed a real-time printing station that turns online comments about Sloane into T-Shirts for fans to wear as they make their way to the stadium – positioning our brand within the arena and the conversation. And as an extension all shirts would be available at Under Armour stores in New York and online at underarmour.com

In the end, Under Armour's budget for this athlete got folded into the budget for higher profile athletes, Misty Copeland and Gisele Bündchen, and we didn't get to produce it.



Follow No Leader (manifesto)

(I wrote this for and Asics pitch. Example of high-level conceptual writing.)

The world is a big place to navigate. 
There are always new ways to do things. New experiences and thoughts to be had. 
We are a generation of explorers. Experimenters. Triers. Doers. 
And we make up our our own rules, one line at a time.
As we fly towards greatness. 

We don’t need a face for our cause. 
We don’t need someone to help us put our thoughts and ideals into words.
Or a leader to give us purpose. We are the only voice we need.

A leader is a moment in time. 
A temporary embodiment of the mean of our opinions and needs. 
Or the loudest voice in the room.
Leaders will let you down. Leaders will fail. Leaders will leave you alone.
And when there’s no one left standing on the pedestal, we will still be moving forward. 
With purpose. Following no one.

Follow no Leader.