Canon "Be Ready" campaign unearths New York City to engage people with their new cameras.


To challenge the perception that smartphones are better for taking AND sharing photos than cameras, we created a series of immersive events that demonstrated how Canon’s high-quality, wifi-enabled cameras were superior to smartphones in both quality and sharability.

To launch we unveiled five immersive dig sites around the city that unearthed hidden remnants of old New York with a variety of Canon's PowerShot camera's onsite and ready to go. Consumers and influencers were driven to the locations through media and challenged to take their best shot – and to their surprise the Canon cameras outperformed many of their smartphones.

Each dig site was an art installation done in collaboration with digital artists, mural painters and prop stylists to create an immersive 3-D scene. Closer to central park we unearthed dinosaur fossils and geodes. Off the Hudson River we discovered an underwater volcano. In Chelsea we found an underground speak easy. And off wall street we cracked open a hidden vault and found sunken treasure. People excitedly jumped in – literally – to capture and share the scenes using one of Canon’s cameras broadcasting thousands of photos as across social networks and media promoting the quality and versatility of the devices.

Here are the installations:

Messaging throughout the city, online and TV, peaked curiosity and drove people to the installations leading up to the event without giving too much away.

Following the launch event, we continued the momentum by tapping into partners like Rolling Stone and Joy Formidable, Eater and Nobu to execute additional pop-up events around the country with the same call to action - to be ready with a Canon PowerShot, because you never know when amazing will happen – and you'll want more than a smartphone to capture it.